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Here is my story:
When I first heard of Truehope and their nutritional product called Empower it was in the year 2000.   I was desperate to find some way to help my daughter who had fallen into a 10 year period of cyclical deep despair and suicidal ideation and behaviours. Her Doctors had given her the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and attempted to stabilize her with the latest antidepressant, anti-anxiety antipsychotic combinations supplemented with cognitive behaviour therapy and repeated hospitalizations. Unfortunately, no method was working and after more than a dozen suicide attempts I was told to prepare myself for the worst as her suicidal ideation was so strong it was only a matter of time before she would complete.

I stumbled across the story of “pig pills” in the year 2000 when Truehope was gaining some publicity in Canada. Mostly it was being ridiculed and challenged as a scam. It caught my attention though since my daughter had gastrointestinal allergies as a baby and a young child. She became allergic to everything she ate for several years which impacted her growth and development. I knew her nutritional needs could not have been properly met in those important formative years. She was always susceptible to physical illnesses and her body just did not seem to have adequate immunity. So the theory that mental health problems may be linked to nutritional deficiencies was a possible puzzle piece for what was causing her emotional struggles.

With hindsight, I am sure that being the child of divorce, the daughter of a workaholic Mom and having to adjust to a new step Dad also took its toll but I think being put on a revolving cocktails of drugs was what made her become so chronically suicidal. She began on Empower in July of 2001 after a serious suicide attempt that left her in hospital for over a month and off all medications due to liver damage. She had been very ill for over 10 years then and her stable times were full of anxiety about the despair returning. She was unable to stay in high school as the depression and medications kept her foggy and unable to concentrate. My daughter had even tried electroconvulsive shock therapy in an attempt to stay well but that impacted her memory and didn't help for long each time before she cycled back into a deep depression.

I had tried the Empowerplus on myself to ensure it would not harm her as I really had no understanding of what it might do or not do.... Essentially it was a leap of faith on my part as I had come from a traditional medical perspective up to that point. When it caused me no harm I told her about it. She researched it herself and then asked for her Doctor's support. At that point he admitted there was nothing to lose in trying a nutritional avenue although to my knowledge he never did consult with the Truehope professional support and information available even at that time. So upon her release from hospital in July of 2001, she began taking the capsules.... within a week, the suicidal obsession left and she gradually stabilized. I truly believe it saved her life when there was little hope left for her survival.

After she stabilized on the Empowerplus nutrient our Canadian government watchdog, Health Canada curtailed our access to the product. We then had the opportunity to join Autumn Stringam and others who went as a small group to Ottawa to protest this unfair action. I am very proud to have been one of the Red Umbrellas who were successful in raising awareness about Truehope in Canada. I am forever grateful to Tony Stephan and his family for creating this product and fighting the battles it has taken to bring it to the public.

Today my daughter is a smart, funny, compassionate person and the loving Mom of 2 healthy young children and although she has her struggles, perhaps even more than many, her quality of life has far exceeded what had become her destiny prior to Truehope's Empowerplus which is now known as EmpowerplusQ96.

For me I continue to take the EmpowerplusQ96 nutritional supplement by choice even though regular psychotropics did work for me. I was started on antidepressants in an attempt to combat depression and cluster headaches in my twenties. Anxiety and low grade depression was a way of life for me for years with spikes of hypomania that I did not recognize at the time. I do not like the side effects I experienced on medications and I much prefer to feed my brain rather than mess with my brain chemistry. EmpowerplusQ96 has vitamins and minerals which are basically food to support my body so that I can manage stress better. I believe stress is one of the main triggers along with poor nutrition, situational and environmental challenges that create the manifestation of many of the mental health challenges we are experiencing in today's world. I am forever thankful for this product and I will continue to share my story that EmpowerplusQ96 is a safe, affordable and effective alternative to psychotropic drugs.

 Debra Curry
Red Deer, AB Canada

Bipolar Disorder with my daughter, Kristy:

I'll start when I entered the traditional medical system for the treatment of mental illness at the age of 14. Although, the truth is I experienced depression and suicidal thoughts/impulses as early as elementary school. I was first hospitalized for depression in junior high. I took various cocktails of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti anxiety, antipsychotic, and sleeping pills for a decade before starting on micronutrients. I had even resorted to ECT (shock therapy) which destroyed my memory, and lifted the depressions, but did nothing to stop the suicidal ideation that was an almost constant in my life. It is quite possible that being put on an antidepressant in my teens, while my brain was still developing, is what created the bipolar illness I was later diagnosed with, as well as the near constant suicidal ideation. Most antidepressants now carry the "may cause suicidal thoughts" warning, but they did not back then. I started on the alternative micronutrient therapy with the True Hope program in 2001, after a serious overdose landed me in the ICU and I was off all meds as my liver recovered. My psychiatrist supported me in trying it, because he truly had nothing left to offer me.

In the year 2000/2001, my Mom was working with a small business called Agrinet, which was involved in the swine industry. And through the grapevine, she heard about a formulation developed in small town Southern Alberta, that might be able to help. They were calling it "Pig pills", because it was a human supplement, based on the mineral supplementation used in pig feed to stop ear and tail biting syndrome. The addition of certain minerals and vitamins alleviated irritability and aggression in pigs. My Mom was desperate to find a way to help me, as she was told she should accept the fact that I with my degree of illness, I would never be stable. And with my repeated serious attempts, I would likely complete suicide. I did not see myself living past 25.

Within weeks of starting on the supplement, the suicidal ideation disappeared! It was a gradual return to emotional health, as I learned to cope with the influx of feelings that had been masked and medicated. I continued with counselling, as well as researching and experimenting with other alternatives such as the healing properties of gemstones, aromatherapy, Bowen therapy, Yoga, etc. over the years. It has been 12 years now, and 2 healthy babies later! I do not consider this a cure, it is a viable treatment. There have been many ups and downs in my life. I believe I still have bipolar, and with that, a certain level of emotional fragility/vulnerability. I still struggle at times. But nowhere near the extremes I had come to believe was my fate with a bipolar disorder diagnosis on medication. I have managed better on EMPowerplusQ96, than I ever did on the cocktails of meds, and without side effects! I had hoped being proactive and taking the supplement through my pregnancies would ensure I would not experience Post Partum Depression... and it took awhile to set in (about the 4 month mark), but as a new Mom, I did not get adequate sleep, and had a hard time eating often enough to take my nutrients. Reality as a single Mom was tough, and my mood plummeted. Still, I never felt suicidal. And thankfully, I have great supports... as my babies grew and I was able to get more sleep, and make getting the supplement into me a priority, I stabilized and I got though it! My babies received the nutrients throughout the pregnancies (it is simply the best prenatal vitamin you can take!), as well as through breastmilk for the first year-2 of their lives. They were both early talkers, and are healthy and robust, amazing little people! We are a health conscious family and eat very well! Still, once they were on solids, I started to mix the supplement into their food every day, to keep them topped up nutritionally for their overall health.

I've learned it is important for me to take the micronutrients, with food, 3-4 times daily, to eat a healthy balanced diet, drink plenty of water, keep my stress levels down, and get enough sleep. I am vigilant about checking in with myself and making adjustments as needed. I have a full and authentic life! One much richer than I could have dreamed, with a brighter future than I ever saw coming! Back in 2003, I was proud to join a courageous group of woman in Ottawa, to represent all those who seek freedom for choice in healthcare. We stood on parliament hill, speaking with whomever would listen, and we carried red umbrellas to quietly draw attention to our cause. You can read more about it here http://www.theredumbrellas.com/ As well as in this video linkhttp://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1cOc4EmbS1I&feature=plpp

I am eternally grateful to the founders of this formulation! Tony Stephan and his family endured such tragedy. Yet even in the face of the government's pressure to retreat, they fought hard to ensure this formulation remains available to those, like myself, who have come to rely on this remarkable alternative for health and wellness. I cannot thank them enough!!!

I have always tried to speak openly about my experience with mental illness, in an effort to reduce the stigma http://camimh.ca/mental-illness-awareness-week-english/faces-of-mental-illness-campaign/faces-archives/faces-of-2008/ and let others know that they are not alone, and that there are options outside of medication. 

I am proud to be involved with an upstanding company like QSciences, while continuing to share my story of hope with others who are seeking alternatives in health and wellness. 

Sincerely, Kristy Reesor

Autism Spectrum Disorder

I would like to share my personal story of my journey so far with EMPowerplus Q96, Q Sciences, and the products that followed.

I knew from the start that my daughter was different than other children. She had many issues as a baby, and those only seemed to blossom after she started school, at 3. She was extremely advanced for her age, and eventually tested off the charts in many areas, but had many, many areas of her life that she struggled with. Despite soaking in everything at school like a sponge, she was very disruptive in school, and caused many painful meetings with school officials. After years of "fighting" with the school, numerous educational testing sessions, doctor's visits, specialist evaluations, and psychological testing, she was finally diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum.

 Although this finally provided us with answers, we still didn't get much in the line of help with her "symptoms." There are no "pills" for autistic individuals; only medications for the accompanying symptoms, such as depression, OCD, anxiety, and so forth. There is no drug, prescription or otherwise, that will ever "treat" her autism, but there are a ton of medications I could have put her on to help with the secondary diagnosis that go along with autism, that I mentioned before. I wasn't interested in "medicating" my daughter. So she continued to suffer with anxiety, tactile disturbances, depression stemming from bullying, obsessions, and the feeling that she is just different from other people.

Then I was told about an all natural supplement. I did my research, and became very intrigued. I read all of the available studies that I could find at the time, and browsed the website available to me at the time. And then my step mother brought me home a sample. Because I am as over protective as a mother can be, I did a little more research into the ingredients. I felt I owed it to my daughter to give it a try, as there was nothing in the ingredients that could hurt her, so I thought "why not". I'm glad I did.

It took about a week and a half, but I did see improvements in her overall calmness. Usually, when it comes to medical issues (that is an obsession of hers; diseases), she gets extremely anxious and fearful that something dreadful is going to happen if one of her family members becomes ill. As it turned out, I had to have surgery around the same time. I was dreading telling my daughter, as usually this would cause a meltdown, and hours of trying to convince her that I would be okay. It never happened. I was able to tell her about the surgery, have the surgery, get an infection afterwards, all while my daughter stayed calm!!!! I was astounded. She was able to talk to me about everything going on, and there was zero anxiety!!!! Her obsessions calmed way down, and she spent days just hanging out with me, when previously, she would just stay in her room. And other people noticed the difference in her as well. Her grandfather was floored by her change. She always had difficulties being around him, and talking with him (part of her Autism traits is not being able to bond with people). She began to actually "play" with him, and he was able to hold her and tickle her, when previously, she would get anxious and sometimes physical about his attempts at playing with her. 

I began to get reports back from her teachers at school that they were noticing the improvements in her behaviors at school as well.  She remained on her dosage for a few months, then one day she came to me and asked me if she could increase her dosage.  She said if she felt “this good” on taking 2+2, then she wanted to see how she felt taking more.  So we increased her dose, and she told me she felt more calm and relaxed, and she felt like she could focus better.  She has been on 3+3, and doing wonderful.  She reminds me when I forget to give her her “Q” (which is what we call it here). 

We still have things to work on with her.  She still is Autistic, and there are some things that will always be an issue for her, but she feels better, and she is now a much happier little girl.

Sometime during her journey, I decided to try taking it myself.  I figured it was basically just a multi-vitamin, and who doesn’t need to take one these days.  Within a week I noticed a difference.  My mood was much better regulated, and I found myself not getting irritated nearly as much.  I have a very high stress job, and I found my days at work much more pleasant.  My stress level dropped significantly, and I have to admit that I did feel a bit “happier”.

So, I decided to try it on my baby.  I attempted to give it to him the first time when he was around 16 months old.  Things didn’t go so well.  He has a big issue with textures, and he could detect the grit in his yogurt/drink/etc., right away. (EMPowerplus Q96 comes in a capsule form, and you can open it and pour the contents into a liquid or food of some sort.) I gave up for the time being, and decided to try again in a few months, which I did, and got the same result.  So I figured I would just wait until the company began selling their kids formulation (powder form, coming in August!!!).  But things with him didn’t seem to be improving.  We don’t have a “diagnosis” yet, but his doctors are now thinking that there is a chance that he also has an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  He was considered non-verbal, had to have things done a certain way or he would get anxious, he also does not like loud sounds (vacuum, blender, etc.), and some other concerning behaviours. 

Anyway, about 2 weeks ago (at the time of this writing), I read a testimonial about another Mother putting her non-verbal 2 year old on this supplement, and within a few weeks, she began to talk!!!  I was re-invigorated about wanting to try it with my son, so I went out and bought a thicker yogurt, hoping that it might do the trick at masking the taste/grit from the capsules.  I gave him one capsule that morning in the new yogurt (which he ate) and then again at dinner time.

About an hour later, I heard him playing with his sister, and for whatever reason, she asked him to say “spider”.  He said “spider”!!!!  I just about fell out of the chair I was sitting on!!  Of course, I ran to him and got him to repeat it again!  “Spider” “Spider” “Spider”!!!  It wasn’t my imagination.  He kept saying it.  And then the next day, after another dose, I was able to get him to say more words.  I think we got 4-5 new words out of him that day.  And some more new words the next day!  Up until that day, he would not even attempt saying any new words at all! (he had learned a few; mom, dad, yeah, okay, and go). That day was about 2 weeks ago.  Since then, he has several new words, and attempts new words now all the time when I work with him.  

I can’t put into words how thrilled I am to now know that my boy will be able to talk.  No, it’s not perfect, and they are still one syllable words, but up until a few weeks ago, I thought in the back of my mind that maybe, he might not talk for years.  It happens with these kids.  I am now confident that with the continued use of the supplement, he will eventually be able to talk to me. 

I have also noticed a slight improvement in some of his other concerning behaviours, but I don’t want to comment just yet on those.  I think it’s still a bit early.

I am eternally grateful to this supplement. Q Sciences as a company, is phenomenal!  The corporate team is amazing and supportive (they donated product to the victims of the recent flooding here in the Calgary area to help with PTSD symptoms!  So humbled! I was able to personally deliver many bottles myself to victims, who were extremely grateful!!!).  I have met the family behind the original formulation and they, too, are just amazing!  I cannot say enough about this company, or the products! (My family also uses the QBiotics, which are AMAZING too!  I won’t go into gory detail, but Autistic kids usually have gut issues as well, and now my daughter is “regular”, which she has not been her entire life, despite medications!)

Heather C., RN

Autism Spectrum Disorder *

I wanted to share my experience with Q96 since we started my daughter on this vitamin/mineral supplement at the age of 2.

Our daughter Piper was always an eager child.  She came in to the world earlier than expected weighing only 3lbs 10oz. Her delivery was nothing short of traumatic, as a doctor called an emergency Caesarean which by the time they rushed me to the surgical theatre and opened me up, Pipers head and shoulder had already passed through my cervix.  Given that I was already opened at the stomach, they had to push her all the way back up and deliver her through my abdomen.  This very small bundle of joy was black and blue due to the pressure of someone’s hand pushing her back up. And the blood vessels in both her eyes had been busted and were bright red.  

My husband and I were always worried that something may have happened due to the trauma of her delivery however, she started hitting her milestones like trying to talk, crawling, walking, and certain motor-skills.  From a doctors perspective at her 12 month check up Piper was developing fine.  She had even started to copy a bit.  I noticed from 12 months to 24 months Piper hadn’t hit any more milestones and it was as if she had started to regress.  She was no longer talking, it seemed she was constantly ignoring me when I would speak to her, she walked on her tiptoes, played alone, didn’t interact with other children, was only interested in toys that made noise, or objects like sticks and balls, she started to have extreme tantrums in any park or new place we’d take her to.  We found ourselves becoming prisoners of our own home for fear she would hurt herself during a tantrum when in public. 

At her 2nd birthday I met some of my other friends who also had 2 year old children and realised that Piper was very far behind in her motor skills, her speech, her interaction etc.  At this point I went to find an answer and read about Autism.  Many people (even doctors) told us that children develop differently and that I shouldn’t be so concerned. However, as a mother, I think our instinct knows when something isn’t right.  I took Piper to a specialist and he observed her for 2 hours and the conclusion was that he believed Piper to be on the Autistic Spectrum, he also pointed out the most hurtful thing which was that Piper didn’t make genuine eye contact with me, that she only looked through me.  Then demonstrated with another 2 year old how Piper should be looking at me. I was devastated that my intuition was correct, and because I didn’t know much about Autism I was scared for her.  My father had been working with QSciences as he’s always been passionate about minerals and vitamins and has always believe that with proper nutrients the body has the ability to repair itself.  My dad started sending me bottles of Q96 to try with Piper.   We started with 1 capsule in the morning (mixed in yogurt) and another capsule at lunch time (mixed in yogurt or chocolate pudding) we didn’t really notice much improvement until about the 6 week mark when we had raised her to 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (both mixed in a yogurt substance)

 We are now about 3 months in to using Q96 and here are some of the amazing results we’ve seen.

·         Piper’s toe walking has reduced.
·         Her tantrums have drastically reduced
·         She grabs my face to look me in the eye
·         She is affectionate and kisses and hugs us
·         She will request things instead of screaming
·         Textures like Grass and Sand doesn’t bother her anymore
·        She is more tolerant of different sounds and noises that used to send her out of control    (ie: baby crying)
·         She doesn’t get frustrated as much since she’s more able to express herself
·        She is interacting with other children.  Joining them when they play – even trying to talk to them
·         In unfamiliar places her anxiety seems to be much better.  We even enjoyed the park together the other weekend. Something we’ve never been able to do   
·         MOST EXCITING of it all is that Piper is starting to speak! We hear her beautiful voice trying to say words. Just to hear “Mama or Dada” will brighten your heart

This morning was the first time we’ve seen her point and read a picture book on her own.

During our phase of trialling Q96 I was a sceptic. I think my husband and I both were and I thought that perhaps everything we were experiencing she was doing on her own and it had nothing to do with the supplement.  So, without telling anyone I stopped giving it to Piper for 7 days to see what would happen.  After the 3rd day her tantrums increased and she became very difficult to control when she would have her episodes.  Our Nanny said “Gosh, I don’t know what is wrong with Piper this week she has been so difficult and unsettled”  I said to her “I haven’t had Piper on that Q96 for about a week” She said “PUT HER BACK ON NOW! Oh my gosh! This stuff really is working”  Since then we’ve made sure that Piper hasn’t missed a dose and people in the autism community where we live are wondering what therapy we’re doing with her.  When I tell them it’s mainly a supplement to feed her brain with the necessary nutrients it needs they are shocked!!! Q96 hasn’t only helped our family – its saving my daughter so she can lead a normal functioning life.

If anyone would like to reach out to me directly please do – I’m a Q96 Believer.  (I’m even taking the woman’s pack to help with stress and coping with anxiety – also been amazing)

PS: This may not seem like much to many people but seeing her change and learn or do something new every day is amazing because she didn’t change for over a year or learn anything new. Especially for a little girl we were told would probably never verbally communicate with us.  

Kind Regards,

Erika Harvey 


Sometimes I still find it overwhelming to give our testimonial. We are in such a great place now, however the journey was long and scary at times. You see, my husband and I were married for a few years before we planned our family. We felt like we were in a much better place to handle child rearing, seeing that we,ourselves were older and over the newness of marriage. 

Our son's delivery was traumatic. He was face up and very stuck. After 3 hours of hard pushing, an emergency C-section was performed. To hear his cry was such a relief!! Post partum came fast and hard. Just when that seemed to be under control, something changed in our son.

He was around 2 and it was as if a switch had been flipped. He was screaming and "angry", inconsolable, violent......unpredictable. He exhibited bizarre behaviour, like excrement smearing as a means to show his anger with you. I honestly thought he was going to kill the cat and we regularly had to send our cat to my mother’s for a week or so for a break. He would beat me up daily; biting, kicking, scratching, gouging, hair pulling and ripping. He would look into my eyes to make sure it hurt enough and if not, he would do it harder. There were times I could not brush my hair.
As he grew, other things were evident. He could not handle change well at all. His meltdowns were colossal and would set the mood for the entire day. He was a runner and we had the police looking for him at one point. Locks were then installed on the top of all outside doors. Poison control was contacted 5 times in a short period; each time for different items. The last time was my husband's medications and the black chalk-like drink was administered. He would hit other children and would look at them like they were science projects. He had no social cues and really did not wish for social interaction with other children. Large crowds sent him over the edge; screaming and screaming and screaming. His sensory issues were acute; loud noises from the vacuum and blender were way too much to handle. Sleep eluded him (and me); bedtime was 2-3 hours and very rarely solid through the night. His elimination in the washroom was always a concern and caused tummy aches.

The aggression and violence was tearing the family apart so much that we begged for medication. We started on Biphentin and after almost a year were switched to Vyvanse. It took the edge off, however there were other issues to now deal with. His social cues were still a concern and sensory issues were very much in the forefront. Now we had a little boy with no appetite; he was in the 10 percentile for his weight and I had concerned doctors. His sleep became worse. He would go through a cycle each month where he would be awake for 24 hours then sleep for 2 hours. Then the next day 3-4 hours and by the end of a week he would be back to sleeping through the night. After a couple of weeks it would start to ramp up again with him being awake 2-3 hours in the middle of the night and eating full meals ( no meds in his system at that time). By the Fall of 2012 his anxiety was so ramped up, we had to be in his eyesight at all times and it resulted in him sleeping with us EVERY night. He would be attached to me all night anxiously twirling my hair in his sleep with a few hard tugs throughout the night. He was attached to me 24/7 and I was not handling it well.

Our G.P. and Specialist Peds Dr both suggested adding another pharmaceutical and we knew in our gut that it was not what we wanted to do. I was reintroduced to a natural product and the timing really could not have been more perfect. I knew in my gut we had to try this or it would always be that huge question mark hanging in the air. I spoke with my husband and he agreed that it was the direction we should take first. We had a diagnosis of ADHD both for my husband and son with a more complete explanation for my son to come (waiting list). So I asked my husband to go on Q96 EmPowerPlus at the same time so he could articulate what he was experiencing and therefore we might be able to understand the journey for our son better. He agreed and we started January 2013.

Our decision was to wean both of them off their meds completely using Q96 EmPowerPlus and with a proper protocol from the Micronutrient Support Line. It was evident by the first month that we were on the right track. Our son was able to handle transitions better and his eating was changing. By the end of month two, the school was commenting that he was different. He was seeking out other children and no longer needed hearing protection in the gym. March 6, 2013 was the first day completely off his pharmaceuticals and only on Q96 EmPowerPlus and by that time his appetite was normal and he had gained about 4 pounds (in the prior 2 1/2 years he had only gained 3!) and he was SLEEPING!!!! He was falling asleep within 10-15 minutes and sleeping through the night. He had friends and would participate at school in group activities and he could watch a movie without screaming to shut it off because he did not know what would happen next. No violent aggression or trashing of his bedroom. No running away or beating up the cat. We had our lives back!

Of course our son still has ADHD and ODD (full diagnosis received) and we still have some challenges. However it is NOTHING compared to what life was like post Q96 EmPowerPlus. If he gets angry we can talk about it and pull him out of it quickly. If he is having a bad day we can work with it and if he has been around a lot of commotion then some alone time does the trick. He is no longer stuck by one event and the best part is that he now refers to himself as "happy" rather than "sad". What a blessing!!

My husband has also weaned successfully off his 3 pharmaceuticals and has said he feels stable. He told me that he feels like he can plan for the future because he is not so engulfed by his emotions. He is not as affected by the weather any longer ( unless it is a major one ie: spring like conditions one day and snowstorm the next which actually happens here in Alberta) his sleep is different in a better way and he seeks out social interaction and is not emotionally wiped out by it. I find that it has helped me with staying more even during PMS and coping in general. The QBiotic has been a lifesaver for our son. He is regular now and it is not hard and uncomfortable for him. The QBiotic also helps to absorb the Q96 EmPowerPlus better as it creates a balanced gut which allows all nutrients to be absorbed properly. We all take it as a family.

We are eternally grateful that Q96 EmPowerPlus has come into our lives. It has given a normalcy to our family life and definitely has given the joy of parenthood to my husband and I.  


When I started learning more about this product, I was amazed! As a father, my son was diagnosed at an early age (5) with ADHD combined type Sever Inattentive and Impulsive disorder. While I fought time after time not to put him on medication, I had no choice! His grades in school were suffering. Since his first batch of medication, 4 years ago, he has been to a 2 psychologist and 2 medical doctors, 5 different medications, and every side effect known to man. I would go through days with him, and every day was different, it didn’t matter what kind of medication he was on, where I didn’t know what to expect. He was sad, angry, fearful, happy, and he went through every serious issue there was, Depression, anxiety, fits of rage, violent acts, he would cry in his room, or get his feeling shattered at the spur of the moment. In school, he would always be in the office for not staying on task, arguing with the teacher, calling out, even one time he ripped up his math book and threw it in the trash. He was dying inside! He didn’t eat, in fact in two years, he lost 2 pounds! From the ages 6 to 8 he weighed 62 pounds. I finally switched his medication and he is now a healthy 110 pounds 9 year old, which helps a lot in football, his favourite sport.

Since being on Q96, he doesn’t show any signs of this at all! He is still on his medication and I would never recommend anyone removing medication without the consent of a medical professional.

 Denise Smith 

Depression/Post Partum Depression *

Over the last few years I have had a series of extremely stressful incidents. In 2005 brother whom I was very close with passed away at age 19, which was hard on me and my family. In 2007 I graduated from nursing school, and got married. 3 weeks after the wedding my newly wed husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He had surgery and chemo, which left us wondering if we could have children. I didn't pay attention to the warning signs, and before I knew it, I couldn't get out of bed. I found myself in a very serious depression. It was a long road. I was put on antidepressants for a few years, and went for many months of counseling, but I made a full recovery and was able to come off of my medications and feel healthy.

After having our twins in 2010 (and finding out I was going to have another baby within a year!) we decided to give our kids a simpler life, so we moved our family 5 hours away, to a rural area where we didn't know anyone. Being at home with 3 babies for 3 years was the hardest job I have ever done. It was rewarding and I loved it, but the loneliness, fatigue, and selflessness that comes with being a mom began to wear on me. I could feel myself slipping away...drifting to that same place I went to a few years ago. I was scared because I now live hours away from any friends or family, and have 3 toddlers who depend on me. There wasn't really anyone I could depend on for the amount of support I would need if I got that depressed again. Plus, my children were bearing the brunt of my symptoms: severe irritability, severe mood swings, sadness, lethargy, and headaches. I wasn't interested in antidepressants again. I now live a more natural lifestyle and didn't want the side effects and trouble that comes with those medications if I could avoid them. 

I came across a friends’ posts about Q96, looked into it, and with some guidance, thought I'd give it a try. In about 2 weeks I felt the heaviness in my mind lift. I didn't know just how bad I had been feeling, until I started to feel better. I was so amazed a nutritional supplement could clear my mind, help me cope, and regulate my mood. I can't explain how tremendous my relief is. My kids and husband are happier too! Since then I feel like it is my responsibility to tell people that there are other options aside from western medicine that REALLY WORK.

Beverly T

Anger *

I wanted to share a little bit of my testimony on here. I started my 4yr son on Q96 a little over a week ago and here are some of the changes I have noticed. Before Q96, my son was a difficult child at times. He had a horrible anger problem. I have a 2yr little girl who loves her brother but with him the feeling wasn't mutual. Everyone told me it was just sibling jealousy but I always thought it was something worse. He literally hated his sister. He was mean, he would yell at her, push her, hurt her in any way he could. He would have horrible tempers and never sleep. Any sort of discipline would not work. I put him on Q96 Jan 30, 2013 and to this day, I have a completely different child. He is calmer, he listens, he is happy and most important, he gets along with his sister. I also have my 2yr old on it because she was picking up the bad habbits from her brother and she is much calmer and such a lovely little girl now....I was at my last resort of taking him to a dr and putting him on prescription pills and I am so happy I didn't have to do that. Thank you thank you thank you for the product. You saved my little boy.

Tabitha DeMelt Little 

Migraines *

My name is Diana ... I suffered for the last Year with Terrible Migraine Headaches.. 
I had Never experienced this problem in my life..Until About 1-1/2 Years Ago.. I took tons of Ibuprofen and New that would / and could not be good for Me or my stomach... I have had an Ulcer before and was afraid this might happen again If I couldn't get the HeadAches under Control.... I went to the Dr.. and they put me on Two Different Prescription Meds.. But the Dr. Warned me to the Fact that if I took the Main one and combined it with my Anti Depressant That it could Effect my Organs...( and not in a Good way ) GREAT is what I said..
I met...Lynn and she told me about Q-96 and what I found was RELIEF after 3 days of taking this product . I had GREATLY improved.. the Migraine went to a Pin spot of a Headache.. and on the Four day It WAS GONE...

Two weeks into this product and I am afraid to say it OUT LOUD.. but the Migraine/ Headaches ARE GONE...

I now try to tell everyone that I know that May suffer from this same problem.. I have a friend. That has signed up for auto ship today..She is a Migraine sufferer as Well... I gave my friend a sample pack to Q-96 to try and within Two Days she noticed a difference in her MOOD/ Headaches were Less... Her Migraines are from an Accident so It may be more Related to her Neck and Back.. But she is happy to start taking the Product and Tell others About it..

Diana Mattmiller-Cadden 

Migraines *

On November 17, 2012 we met as a group in Salt lake and I had been battling a 4 week migraine... migraines were nothing new for me but this one was. Nothing was working to get it under control... I had been to the ER numerous times and exhausted every migraine med my Dr. knew of... The final med was steroid treatment, 4 days on steroids and still no relief.
I met with Daren and Jimmy and Daren gave me a bottle of product and told me to take 5 capsules which froze me in my tracks! I wasn't about to trigger more pain so I went to my hotel room and took 2 capsules. I covered my head with a pillow and waited in the dark and quiet ... About 90 minutes later I literally sat straight up and flipped out! I had a flushing sensation like a burst inside my head and my vision was clear and the pain was gone... not just dulled but GONE! I started texting Jimmy immediately wanting to know what I had taken... I have been migraine free since! I have been medication free since November 17, 2012! I also suffer from fibromyalgia and have an arsenal of meds for those symptoms... All pain, chronic fatigue and restless legs GONE! I'm a very happy girl and will NEVER be without this product!

Tammy Smith Thompson


This morning I finally have a quiet morning to myself and have had time to reflect on our journey that we started in January. 

That was when we decided to take control of our situation a little more with our son in regards to medication. Up until that point we had chosen to medicate. I am not sorry for that decision, as I know it was best for all parties involved. There was so much we did not understand, and so much our son could not control or even understand himself. His anger and aggression were out of control (my head was so sore I could not brush my hair near the end), and I was sure that my sole purpose to the day was to make sure he did not accidentally kill himself (poison control 5 times in a short period!)

Medication gave us some peace, and a place to begin to work together as a family. To help our little man function better, and for the tension in the house to come down a notch or two. I always knew it would be a temporary solution, I just didn't know what the alternative looked like.

This last November we knew things were not going great again. His anxiety was out of control and very concerning. He became fearful of everything, almost all the time. He even refused to be out of eye sight of us at any time; in our bed every night; waking more.......The whole family became embroiled in this anxiety. After speaking with 2 different doctors, it was apparent that adding another medication was the path we were headed down. You see he had out grown his med dosage last summer and the rage returned with a vengeance, so taking him off the original medication seemed scary at the least.At that time I was reintroduced to a product that I had heard about before. As they say timing is everything. I was able to understand just what this micronutrient could do and was formulated to do. I was petrified of adding another medication to his regime, and felt like we were going to be entrenched in more side effects. Honestly, it was scary even thinking of trying something natural.It was scary to feel like we might go backwards, and how would we all deal with that? But, how were we all dealing with our current situation? 

So I did more research, and went with my gut. It was time...........and fortunately my husband felt it was time also. Besides, we thought, if it did not work, we would not have hurt him because it was natural. We started with the help of the micronutrient support line, and did everything they told us to do. Our son does not like change, so we went through a couple of weeks of me dropping him off at school in complete tears. I just knew I had to power through; if I gave up and took the easy road, I would never know if I had missed something crucial in his life. 

Finally, finally he got used to the new routine and we started to see results. Now, this is not a light switch, it is natural, so you need to be aware of the small changes at first.Not as big of a meltdown, not as much worry, seeking out other children, handwriting changed at school (this was a big deal to the teachers), joining in group activities at school, smiling more.......Now as I sit here this morning, I realize just how many people are noticing and commenting. Last night, a friend went on and on to my husband about how much she cannot believe the difference in our son. His demeanor, his ability to be disciplined for normal 5 year old things and not go off the deep end; being able to reason on matters, his eating is amazing, his sleeping and being able to fall asleep is shocking, and he is able to be acceptably social with other children. 

To see my son seek out other children and interact appropriately is such a relief. He even stuck up for a little girl in his class who was being bullied. He stood up to BULLIES!!! My heart swells............. I am so thankful for the life my son is having and will have in the future. EmpowerPlusQ96 has been the best gift for our family. We are thankful and now we want to share this with other families who will benefit also. We have been in a place where deer in the headlights does not begin to describe our family life, and now we are in a place of healing and happiness. I enjoy being with my son, and we truly have a friendship now. I have a heart filled with gratitude.

- Amy H.

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