Transitioning, Support, & Healing...

Do medications interfere with  EmpowerPlusQ96? 
Yes, especially psychiatric medications. As your brain function improves, you can become increasingly over-medicated. Psychiatric medications should be gradually tapered off under the supervision of a doctor when using  EmpowerPlusQ96 . 

Who should I talk to about making the transition from my medications?
As always, please talk to your doctor about any changes you may be making in your medications and supplements. If you are taking medications and/or have concerns about taking EmpowerPlusQ96, there is also a MICRONUTRIENT HELP LINE that is available. This line has trained experts to help you make the transition. They have helped over 80,000 make the same transition. Your first call is free to answer your questions, and if you require continued support they will explain the low cost options available for the service.

How do I contact Micronutrient Support?

Toll free number:        1-866-397-3116

What should I expect when transitioning from medications?
As you build up the key nutrient balance in your body, medications can become an issue. Making the transition from psychiatric medications to EmpowerPlusQ96  be done with proper supervision. Please DO NOT adjust medications on your own as medication withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe. After the transition period, most of our users find that they enjoy the benefits of mental health without the side effects that they experienced on drugs. 

I'm tired of drugs. Can't I just stop taking them now and switch to 
 EmpowerPlusQ96 ? 
In addition to your doctor and the QSciences Support team, we highly recommended that you enlist the help of a support person. This could be a counselor, therapist, family member or good friend who is willing to commit to helping you through the transition process, help monitor your symptoms and stay in regular contact with you and QSciences Support. 

What is Second Stage Healing?
There is no magic pill that will solve all of your problems. As humans we are complex and intricate. Research has proven that  EmpowerPlusQ96 can offer increased mental clarity and mood stability, but it will not magically create for you new and healthy habits, nor will it undo the effects or consequences of your past conduct or illness. Part of the healing stage that you will now embark on once you are enjoying improvements and feeling balanced is creating new habits and perhaps some deeper healing (perhaps dealing with some issues that triggered things in the first place)

This chart was gives an idea of how the deeper inner healing can take place when we get support and create a healthy lifestyle for ourselves.

For more details and to learn about the journey of one such woman, we encourage you to visit the website: After  and read the inspiring true story of illness and healing by Autumn Stringam